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Summer Virtual Run

If you have thought about giving running a go or have been considering doing a Fun Run, then this is for you. 

Running Fit Box has joined forces with Go Run Australia to bring you - Run into Summer 2016. This is a 5km run event.

The Virtual Run will take place on 1st December 2016. As this is Virtual it is entirely up to you when you run, at what pace and if on your own or with a running buddy. 

We are so excited to be supporting the Driving Miss Ava Fundraising Event, which is aimed at raising funds for the Vallance Family to buy a new car that will assist their beautiful daughter Ava. 

Ava was born with Cerebral Palsy, a brain injury that requires a lot of assistance for her day to day care. Despite her physical challenges including being unable to walk or talk, Ava has a strong determination and spirit, a cheeky sense of humour and a big beautiful smile. In a show of support and solidarity a Fundraising Gala Dinner called ‘Driving Miss Ava’ has been organised to assist Ava's family with the next stage of her life. Ava will soon receive her first wheelchair and to accommodate this, the Vallance Family need new wheels - big ones - in the form of a new custom modified car to safely accommodate Ava, her wheelchair and her sister Millie.

In signing up for this Run, you will be contributing to a great family. You will also receive some special bling to wear on your run. A 5km running program to help you with your training and each participant will receive a Virtual Showbag upon the completion of the run.

Once you have run send in your run time (from Garmin Connect, Strava, Map my Run) to be in the running to win the Winners Prize pack.