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Runner of the Month





Maddie has an inspirational story, she has gone from being the "girl who can't run" at school to now having run 2 full marathons in over a relatively short period of time. Maddie is a perfect example of how far hard work will get you and she learnt first hand what it is like to push herself beyond what she thought she was capable of. Good Luck with your running into the New Year Maddie. 

How did you start running? Or Why did you start running?

I started around 4.5 years ago after some encouragement from my personal trainer at the time. I started with parkrun, moving fairly quickly to 10km events and then half marathons and eventually 2 full marathons! I think I caught the bug and just wanted to keep pushing myself to see what I was capable of. I also met some great friends through parkrun who were incredibly encouraging and all training for various events who brought me along on their journeys

How long have you been running?

As mentioned above I started 4.5 years ago, but the last 7 months I’ve taken a bit of a break due to injuries, busy work life and serious problems with my motivation! I’ve just started again in recent weeks and feel I have a long way to get back to where I was.

What motivates you to run?

After my break this year, I’ve realised I’m a much better person when I run! I manage stress much better at work, and keep my weight under control. This is what’s motivating me to get back into it again. Also - pushing myself and trying to beat previous times, and meeting friends for brunch afterwards always helps.

What do you enjoy about running?

Being outside (I hate the treadmill!), clearing my mind and mostly finishing!! I don’t think you can beat the feel of finishing a good run - feeling a bit sweaty and the endorphins pumping. After my break this year I have realised I’ve missed this!

Where is your favourite place to run?

Beach Road and Albert Park, and my all time favourite event is the Great Ocean Road - it’s amazing being able to run along the road with no cars

In the next year, what goals do you hope to achieve in your running?

Just to get back close to where I was last year. Currently I’m only running around 7km, but am looking forward to training for the Great Ocean Road 23km and potentially my 3rd full Melbourne Marathon…we’ll see!

How will you ensure that you will achieve these goals?

Stick to a plan and ensure I try to stay motivated by reminding myself why I do it