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Run for Health Workshops

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Do you struggle with finding time for exercise? 

Do you have trouble with motivation and maintaining commitment to exercise? 

Do you have a desire to start running and improve your overall health and fitness? 

This is the workshop for you. 

Join Natalie from Running Fit Box and Chris of Go Run Australia for a Running Goal Setting/Mindset workshop. 

Goal Setting for running, exercise and life in general is a fantastic way of maintaining focus and direction. Goal Setting gives you the opportunity to set challenges for yourself and work towards personal achievements. It will also assist in helping you achieve your running, health and fitness goals. 

Running and Goal Setting go hand in hand, as your goals will help stimulate motivation and keep you driven in your pursuit to achieve them. 

Whether you are a beginner runner or an intermediate one there are varying levels of goals. 

This workshop will equip you with the tools and knowledge on how to set action taking goals. This workshop is based around your desire to start running, improve your running or take your running to the next level. It will also help you in embedding more exercise into your life and give you an understand on how you can prioritise your health. 

Running is a lifestyle choice which offers many benefits for the physical body, emotional wellbeing and the mind. 

Through setting goals, running gives you a sense of achievement and promotes a life of health, activity and happiness. 

We'd love you to join us on the 31st August for this awesome workshop to help you be your running best and running healthiest. 

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