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What EXACTLY is a Virtual Run?

Natalie Moore

Since creating the upcoming Run into Summer Virtual Run, I can not tell you how many people have asked me “what on earth is a Virtual Run?” Their faces are most confused which does always put a bit of a smile on my face. I had that same puzzled look on my face not so long ago.

A virtual run sounds so space like! I mean it doesn’t fit in with the stereotypical fun run or charity run, it sounds out of this world. But in an era so dependent on technology, the internet and gadgets it was only a matter of time before this phenomenon took off.

“A Virtual Run is a self-motivated challenge that is organised online”. Virtual runs will be for a specific distance that can be completed on the day without any pressure. These runs give you the ability to run at your own pace, at your own time and in your own environment, but still being part of a wider running group. You could even run on a treadmill in a gym or at home!

There’s no early morning alarms, if you don’t want to or no need to plan a trip to a busy start line. You simply sign up, wait for the specified date and run whenever you want to or feel like it on the day!

What’s more you will usually get a finishers medal or some bling that signifies that you completed your Virtual Run. Even more empowering than that is, nearly all Virtual Runs have a charity or fundraising objective behind them.

What’s not to love about a Virtual Run; you run, you get rewarded with your bling and you contribute to a deserving cause, for someone or a group who perhaps do not have the opportunity to run.

Virtual Runs are the perfect opportunity for the runner in us all to try out a “fun run” in the comfort of our own space.  

The very first Running Fit Box Virtual Run ‘Run into Summer’ will be taking place of the 1st December. No matter where you are in the country or the world you can take part. I have teamed up with Go Run Australia who will assist with the training for the 5km event, Silverhope Jewellery who will be supplying the motivational bling to help with your run and many other businesses who have contributed to the Winners prize pack and Virtual Showbag for all participants. Yep there’s a prize pack for the winner!

The ‘Run into Summer’ Virtual Run will be contributing to the Driving Miss Ava Fundraiser, which has been created to help the Vallance family raise enough money so they can purchase a newly modified car to fit their daughter, Ava’s wheelchair. Ava was born with Cerebral Palsy, a brain injury that requires a lot of assistance for her day to day care. Despite her physical challenges including being unable to walk or talk, Ava has a strong determination and spirit, a cheeky sense of humour and a big beautiful smile.

We are so excited to support the beautiful Vallance family through this run.

Now that you know what a Virtual Run is, sign up today at and take part in a friendly 5km run for your own fitness but to also help support a great family.  

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