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Week 8 - Mums Love to Run NYC Marathon - Fun Run Feelings!

Natalie Moore

“It always seems impossible until it is done” - Nelson Mandela

We are heading into fun run season with all of the big events coming up - Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne running festivals and of course New York Marathon is less than 100 days away for me - exhilarating, rewarding and hard working days ahead but the one thing that stands out is that we have the commitment to get it done and achieve our ultimate goal!

So, what is it like signing up for a fun run and then actually doing it?

From the moment you decide that you want to enter a race the exhilaration is evident. Your wildest dreams in front of you on the screen as you complete the registration - your determination and commitment clear. Then you hit the little button marked REGISTER and the excitement becomes a little nervous and you think “shit, I have just registered to run 10km, a half marathon” - whatever it may be. It is natural that the fear and self doubt creep in particularly if this is the first time you have run this event or distance but I always tell myself, “alright you’re locked in, time to start planning” and it is the unknown or fear that propels my motivation to new heights.

With the New York Marathon, my husband booked me in as a surprise Christmas present so I didn’t experience this anticipation rather it was shock initially that I was going to be chasing my ultimate dream. Nervousness hasn’t really set in yet. I have fleeting moments if I feel sore or a run doesn’t go great. Excitement has taken over and I expect the nervousness to kick in when I am boarding my plane to the states.

Now you’ve registered, what can you expect? If you’re anything like me you’ll get into planning mode almost immediately. Counting backwards from the event date, I work out when I need to start and what I need to do. If I get stuck into the planning ASAP I can’t give myself the chance to doubt my decision. Then the motivation week in, week out takes over as I tick off mini goals along the way. I make sure to enjoy every moment, step after step, run after run. As the saying goes “rome wasn’t built in a day”.

As the event gets closer, the nerves increase but so does the excitement. And I make sure that I take a moment to reflect on how far I have come to this point and then look to the event as my reward, my celebration for all of my hard work. And that is what drives me throughout the last few weeks of my training. “This is your celebration, enjoy it”!

Then fast forward to race day! A new level of nerves, anticipation and excitement. This time it’s not just yours, it’s everyone around you. The air is full of nerves, toilet lines full of nerves and the start line is one big ball of nervous energy. But this is what makes running an event so great, because for that moment you feel truly alive, a superstar, someone out of this world and when you toe that start line I can tell you that every part of your body will be smiling. I’m just smiling thinking about that feeling right now.

From the moment, you decide to sign up to an event there is no denying that you will go through a myriad of emotions even if you have done this distance before. It’s a natural thing, because I believe we are paying respect to the event itself and not taking for granted that we can do it easily. You may very well do it easily, but it’s been only your hard work to perfect your skill that will help you.

It is less than 100 days until the New York Marathon and a recent picture on Instagram had my excitement reach new peaks. I am so freaking excited and it is this simple pleasure of having a goal to work towards which is fueling that excitement. I am feeling good for the most part! I’ve had a bit of knee soreness last week which was not fun and it actually stopped me doing a run but a massage and some recovery advice seems to have helped me get back on track. I ran my longest distance on the weekend, 18km. I am feeling every bit of that 18km today, but my spirit and mindset are pumped for the new week ahead.

How do you feel when you register to do a running event? Share with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Main Image via @nnycmarathon Instagram 

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