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Week 6 - Mum loves to run NYC - Finding time to do what you love

Natalie Moore

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”

Week 6 has been another week of eye opening moments and it has all been around time and making time to do my training. I often get asked how I fit in my training around my life and it probably is the number one thing that stops people from starting and doing hobbies, because they feel they don’t have time to do it.

Making time for training requires organisation, planning and sacrifice, a lot of sacrifice but at the same time if achieving this goal is important to you than the sacrifice doesn’t feel so great. The one thing I will always try not to sacrifice is too much time away from my family. Being with my daughter after being at work all day is one thing that is important to me. Week 6 was about testing the boundaries with my training and understand what works for me but most importantly what works for my family.

Monday was my recovery swim and I planned with my husband that I would go that evening. It wasn’t ideal as dinner and bath time is always a mad time, but you don’t know what works and what doesn’t until you give it a go. So off I went at 6.00pm for my swim, with a bit of guilt but I got it done. Unfortunately, my head wasn’t in the moment of my swim and all I could think about was being at home doing the mundane things I get tired of night in night out. So scrap Monday night swimming unless it is absolutely imperative.

Tuesday was a 7km run, a little too long for me to be able to fit it into my lunchtime break so again I planned with my husband once we both got home I’d run. It worked and I had a good run, but I was not organised enough for dinner so it was a mad rush to feed the little hungry one. Note to self - there will need to be more planning to fit this in straight after work or an after dark run is in order.

Fast forward to the weekend, my long run was scheduled for early Saturday morning unfortunately my daughter was sick Friday night and I was a zombie by the time my alarm was due to go off at 5am, so it was a quick text to my running group and back to bed. It’ll have to be a long run Sunday morning instead, which is perfectly fine.

I absolutely believe that once you have a goal, the plan to achieve it quickly forms and your determination to find the time and make your training happen shines through. It takes planning and contingency planning at that to be able to fit it all in. Its early mornings for my strength or bike sessions, after hours Pilates - I still make sure I get a good 7-8 hour sleep at night because that is critical when training so if it means I miss a TV show or I miss a night out with the ladies that is fine too, cause those things will come back to me. Chasing my goal is what is on my priority list at the moment.

What's the biggest sacrifice you make to train for your goals? 

Check out this article, that will give you sneaky ways of building up your exercise. It leads in perfectly to my latest blog on making time for exercise.

See you next week.

Mum Loves to Run

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