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Week 5 - Managing Self Doubt - Mum Loves to Run NYC

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From Week 4 to Week 5, my mindset has shifted dramatically and I am reminded that these are the challenges I face when doing a long training campaign. Last week, I was feeling like I was achieving such great mini goals and my motivation was at a high. Roll on this week, the flu set in, I couldn’t train as much and then when I returned to my running I was flat and fatigued. Hello, sudden self questioning.

Have I got another marathon in me? Am I sure I can do this?

These questions swirled in my head whilst I was doing my long run on the Sunday. I felt so flat, so fatigued. I felt sluggish, heavy, the list goes. And when I finished I was sore. Instantly I thought my goodness if this is how I feel after 12km, how on earth am I going to feel after 20km or 30km. I was completely disheartened. This is meant to be my best marathon yet. I was frustrated and concerned.

The doubt has crept into this new week, which has frustrated me even more because I love starting the new week positively. So it has taken a good reality check, meditation and reassessment of why I am doing this run to get me back on track. Personally I find it so worthwhile to always remind myself of WHY I am doing something and what is important to me. For this marathon campaign, my reasons are for self-achievement, rewarding myself, sharing it with my family and most of all chasing an ultimate goal which I thought was only ever a pipe dream.

One other strategy I have for overcoming self doubt, is stepping out of my comfort zone to help give me an extra kick of motivation. What’s better than knowing you’ve just done something you thought you couldn’t do. So Monday was a recovery session for me, bike or swim. It can be a hard task to get out and train Monday night with work and then family duties but I thought nope I’ve got to make this happen and I did just that! I am not a huge fan of public pools especially in the evenings but I overcame my preciousness and went for a swim. It still surprises me each time I swim laps that I am actually doing it because 6 months ago I couldn’t swim 25 metres. It wasn’t a huge swim but the 600m was enough for me to feel like I had accomplished something to kick the self doubt thoughts out of my head.

No matter how difficult it gets, I love overcoming adversity. I love pushing past the obstacles and proving to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to with hard work, commitment and determination. I also remind myself this is just a blip in the training and it will pass. If I focus on how far I have come and the goodness I get from being able to run than I am sure to say goodbye to the self doubt.

See you next week,

Mum Loves to Run

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