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Week 2 - Mum Loves to Run NYC

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After a consistent week of training, my momentum has not wavered - lucky for that because it’s still a long road ahead! Week 2 has been a great week of learnings - negative splits, running gait, new foam rolling exercises - the list goes on!

The start of this training week started off in gorgeous Cairns, so motivation and momentum was at a real high especially given it was a day of swimming! Swimming is definitely not my strong suit, I only just started swimming at the start of the year. I love getting in the water and although my technique is not great I love knowing that I am doing it when I always thought I couldn’t. I feel so great afterwards. Being able to have a recovery swim after my week of running was the perfect opportunity to flush the legs out.

It was a cold return to Melbourne that Monday night. A tired, moody toddler and an empty fridge was not going to deter me from packing my running gear for a run the next day. It would be a 5am wake up so I could get my strength session in before work too. Morning exercise is my fave, simply because I love mornings and love feeling energised for the day ahead.

The only night workout I tend to do is my "Wednesday night delight" of Reformer Pilates. It always brings a new level of strength, relaxation and balance, which I absolutely know helps me so much with my running.  

On to Thursday and what a day that turned out to be. This would be my longest run to date - 7km. I couldn’t wait to get out and do this run, mainly because it was a new session type for me -  “a negative split”. I’d never heard of a negative split but it simply breaks the run into different speeds - the first 4km was easy and the last 3km was to be 5:00-5:15 min/km speed. Ok, I thought I can do this. Majority of the run was great, the last km was tough running at that faster speed. I was puffing at the end of it like a steam train but the sense of achievement outweighed any soreness. And little did I know that there was faster running to come!  

The afternoon would then see me at Precision Sports Medicine for a run screen. I had no idea what this involved but I was equally excited for the chance to do this.The run screen was pretty awesome and a great insight to my training zone and heart rate. I don't wear a heart rate monitor but it is something I will probably do from now on. I ended up running 5km at varying speeds which gradually got faster and faster throughout the session, I basically just ran until I had nothing left. I got to 18 mins and 5km, my max heart rate got to 187. So now from here I can work out where my ideal training zone is and the team at Precision can help me work out how I use this information to improve my running for distance, speed and recovery.

I can tell you that I was pretty fatigued by the end of the day following what became a 12km running day.

Friday, rest and thank goodness for that. A rest day does always drive me nuts though. I am always torn between knowing I should take this chance to rest and wanting to just do some type of exercise - this is where having my pooch comes in handy for a walk followed by a stretch and a roll.

The weekend always comes around with a buzz and I thrive so much on knowing I can squeeze in some longer sessions - Saturday was a bike ride on the trainer while I caught up on my reading of The Whole Health Life. And then back to my Sunday long run, which was 8km this week. Of all my runs my long run is always my favourite and it always gives me the greatest sense of pride. Unfortunately, my sleeps prior to this run are always disrupted so it can be a hard slog sometimes getting up but once I'm up and running, I am fully energised. Call it daughters intuition but she always times her disrupted sleeps with my long runs.

Week 2 comes to a close and the start of the new week brings more excitement and opportunities to improve! Catch you next week.


Mum Loves to Run.


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