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Week 19 - Realising your dreams - Mum Loves to Run NYC

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“You don’t measure the success of your life from one thing in the end, you measure the success by each of the small victories in your life” - Chris Hadfield

Only 3 weeks out from NYC marathon and the realisation that I am going to achieve my goal is setting in. Since last Christmas I have been living, breathing and thinking about this marathon and now it is so close. As I near closer to leaving for the States and my last week of high training approaches, I have started to reflect a lot more on how far I have come in my marathon campaign.

It’s been an amazing five months of training, achieving new goals and small victories of mentally and emotionally managing my running around my family life and work. If there’s one thing that you learn quickly when training for a marathon, it’s that life continues around you. As much as you start to live in a running bubble as your training increases, you need to also be present in the rest of your life. Managing that alone, is an achievement particularly when you are a parent to small children who are so dependent on you.  And I have had my share of surprises with my daughter having surgery and being unwell over the winter just gone.

The challenge for this marathon continues as I head over to the States and there will be a new mindset challenge that I will need to manage to keep strong. I am not going to be in my usual surrounds with access to my usual foods and habits, so I will need to adapt to what foods and environments are available to me so I can fuel well and prepare for performance. There is a massive time difference to Melbourne that I will need to acclimatise to. And the biggest challenge will be to maintain focus and motivation on the day of the marathon as lucky me, I have been picked for the last wave which takes off at 11am. A circumstance I am disappointed with, but one totally out of my control that I can't dwell on it. 

Below are some of the ways I will keep focused on my goal to ensure I stay motivated for the final weeks -

  • Revisit my purpose for wanting to run this marathon
  • Enjoy the travels but have downtime too
  • Maintain good sleep habits
  • Hunt down healthy food options in the US
  • Be grateful for this unbelievable opportunity
  • Stick to my training program but don’t get hung up if it doesn’t go to plan whilst over there
  • Have the greatest time of my life and enjoy every SINGLE moment, whether I am running or with my family.

I am super proud of my efforts and I am going to continue to feel that way as the marathon nears. I still have a lot of training to get through in the next 3 weeks and I will continue to maintain my unwavering focus. Coming into the final weeks with a proud heart and gratitude to those who have helped and enabled me to get this far is what will get me to my ultimate goal.

Are you looking for some others tips on staying motivated to exercise? Read this article via the link below, where I have contributed some of my own tips on staying motivated.

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