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Week 15 - Making time for marathon - Mum Loves to Run NYC

Natalie Moore

"There is never a good time to run a marathon, you need to make it a good time" - Natalie Moore

If there was one time this thought ran true, it was this past week. Week 15 of this marathon campaign has been the hardest thus far. It wasn't the amount of kilometres I did, rather it was simply life that made training that little bit more challenging.

My 3 year old daughter had surprise surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids at the start of the week. With us travelling to the States in a few weeks, it was something we needed to do sooner rather than later. This wasn't something factored into my training, so my solid week of training stood. But 65kms later, there was only time for gratitude and self achievement that I got through it.

It came with obvious challenges in managing my training around her health and of course my daughter was my number 1 priority, but to my surprise I came out the other side having not missed one session and feeling overall pretty good despite the poor sleep and constant on-the-go care of my daughter.  

One common thing I hear from people around running and training for events, is “now isn’t a good time”, “I’ll start running next month” or "I don't have the time to train or even run”. And I get this wholeheartedly, there is never going to be the ideal time, you have to manage your time accordingly. And when you want to achieve your goal there is always going to be external factors that will be part of your training. It is part of life and it is part of doing a marathon. It is how you manage your training with your life which is part of chasing your goal and the reward you will get at the end.

One key thing I have learnt this week, is that we do not have superpowers and we need to be smart in our ability to live life and chase our dreams. This past week has been critical in that I have only had the capacity to focus on a couple of things; my daughter, my own health and my running. Everything else has had to take a back seat. Life situations are not always as cut and dry as this and most times I can manage an array of things, but due to the circumstances this was a special week where my focus had to be narrowed completely.

Some may find this selfish, others may completely understand and know that the commitment we have to chasing our dreams requires sacrifice. One other thing I love about marathon training, is that during the weeks when times are challenging the reward you get from coming through that tough period is so great that your motivation hits its peak.

This week is recovery week for me and I am very thankful for that because it’s come at the right time. With consecutive sleepless nights and continued recovery for my daughter, I will be taking the down time I need. Despite the week I’ve had, it will never hinder me running another marathon. There are times this week where I have questioned whether I can do this, but my commitment has never wavered. And it has reminded me that had I not set this goal I would never have gone through the experience I have, nor would I have truly understood what I am capable of.

If a goal is in sight, but you feel the time is not right - just do it anyway! As the saying goes where there is a will, there’s a way and you will absolutely find your way.


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