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Week 14 - Mindset Matters - Mum Loves to Run NYC

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“Stop being afraid of what can wrong, and focus on what could go right”.

I heard this quote whilst listening to a podcast this week during my long run and it was perfectly timed, particularly with where I am at this very moment. I am at the hospital waiting for my daughter as she is having surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. It’s a terrible wait! But what this experience has taught me, is that focusing on what will go right is much better than worrying about what can go wrong.  

This mindset can most definitely be applied to running and it is one which I will be adopting for the rest of my marathon training. Doing the NYC marathon has brought an additional set of mental pressures, self inflicted of course. With the time and money spent on getting over to the States, pressure to be well and healthy to run has weighted heavily. The thought of getting injured and not being able to run has plagued my mind at different times. And the simple fact that I am running the ultimate marathon in NYC is pressure enough.

But with just over 7 weeks to go until the marathon, it is time to focus on only what will go right not what can potentially go wrong. So with that in mind here’s my list of things that will go right for me -

  • I will run the New York Marathon.
  • I will run my fourth marathon
  • I will be joining 50,000 other runners at the start line
  • My husband and daughter will be there cheering me on
  • I will be able to run in the US leading up to the marathon
  • Healthy food options will be available to me in the US
  • I will be at my best health and fitness for the marathon
  • I am going to have an awesome holiday with my family
  • It is going to be a trip and marathon to remember

Much like writing out a gratitude list, this is quite therapeutic and creates a positive mindset.

Do you spend time focusing on what can go wrong? Make your list of what can go right and see how it makes you feel.

Week 14 training was my biggest yet and with nearly 50km in four days I was pretty fatigued by the end of the weekend. But with a hearty Sunday night dinner and a nice 9 hour sleep I felt very refreshed come Monday ready for another week of solid running.

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