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Week 13 - Mum Loves to Run NYC - Goal Setting

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"What will I become?" - Jim Rohn

Only 9 weeks out from the New York Marathon - I can not believe it!

Since late last year, this marathon has consumed every facet of my existence. Although I did not start the physical training then, I was prepping myself mentally and emotionally for what was to come for this marathon campaign. When you set such a goal, it truly is life changing. And the quote above sums it up perfectly on how goal setting sets you on a path for change and fulfilment.

What will you become? I listened to a recent podcast which featured Jim Rohn and he spoke about how we are always consumed by what we will get from goal setting. He says we should understand what we will become as a result of it? Yes we will achieve our goals but how will we grow and change as a result.

Every goal I set and have worked on achieving has changed me, some marginally, some profoundly. Goal Setting encourages personal development and growth. It enhances your mindset, it encourages change and most importantly it helps you to become a better version of yourself.

I am without a shadow of a doubt a different person today compared to what I was when I started running 10 years ago. That is to be expected of course but my whole outlook on how I want to live my life has changed. Running has created that for me. As much as I run for personal development, I run for my family. I run to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister but I also run for every person out there who may or may not know me. Running has given me a wider purpose in life, because running is life and I want you all to feel it and experience it. This is what I have become as a result of setting running goals. 

So what will I become after the New York Marathon

- A four time marathon runner -  I would never have thought that me and this sentence would be put together. It will be so truly satisfying that I have earned this title because it has taken so much sweat and tears to get here.

- Stronger and fitter both mentally and physically as a result - the body continues to astound me at its capabilities. I thought for the Sydney marathon I was the fittest I had ever been, this one is definitely taking the cake. I have been incorporating swimming, cycling and strength work as part of my training and this is has definitely helped with my physical and mental strength.

- Even more appreciative of this great body of mine -  the body can do amazing things. People sometimes make comments to me that I will be crippled when I get older from all the running I am doing, but if the body was incapable of doing such a thing then it would shut down and I wouldn't be able to continue. But together with the mind and body, it continues to amaze me of the strength it has.

- An even greater advocate for goal setting - goal setting creates focus. It promotes drive and determination and it most definitely motivates you to chase dreams, make changes and strive for great achievements.

- An even crazier running lover - It sure will! Be warned. Lining the start line with 50,000 other runners will propel my love for running greater than every before. And I will push my message around the benefits of runner harder than I have before.

Week 13 felt like a bit of a quieter week. I was feeling a bit of tightness in my hamstrings post the Sandy Point Half Marathon and that really set the tone for the week. It wasn't until I had a massage on the Thursday that I felt great again. It was a solid long run on the weekend, capped off with a recovery swim and ride. I've gone into the new week feeling strong and ready to tackle the extra kilometres this week. 



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