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Running for Self Care

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The term self care is a relatively new word for me, one which I have only really come to truly understand in last year or so. 

Looking back and prior to motherhood, I realised that I took for granted how easy it was to be able to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted and I always made sure I looked after myself.

The term "self-care" was not one that I had to give much thought too, I guess it came naturally in all of my free time. Typically, when you become a mother our own care needs at some point will take a back seat to the needs of our family, hell even the simple shower becomes a luxury.

When I first learnt the term "self-care" I thought it was some fancy buzz word for getting a facial, manicure or a massage. But once I started to understand it better I quickly realised that it simply is about taking care of yourself and that can be in any shape or form.

Self-care can be the most simple of tasks that are aimed at making your feel great or filling your cup. I realised that I do practise self-care and that is through my running.

Week in, week out, I am consciously setting aside time for myself to run whether it be purely on my own or with friends. I am giving myself permission to prioritise my needs and desires to exercise, get outdoors, nurture my mind and body and enter into a state of flow and happiness.

If you ask me there is no better "self-care" activity.

Do you see running as part of your self-care routine?

Below are my thoughts on how running absolutely forms part of your self-care routine:

- Running is an expression of our lives. It enables us to express ourselves through the events we do, the distance or the pace we run at.

- Running gives us a voice. It is shouting to the world that I will give anything a go and I am prepared to experience a life of challenge and adventure.

- Running absorbs and takes on our emotions. We can draw upon our stresses, losses, sadness and happiness to challenge ourselves through our running.

- Running is our "me-time". We can transcend into a meditative state while running, our breath sync with our mind and body.

- Running gives you a sense of meaning and fulfilment through setting goals and constantly striving for successes along the way.

Do you experience different feelings to the ones above? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Facebook or Instagram.


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