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Today is an exciting day for my little business Running Fit Box, with the launch of my Running Fit Hub.  

I have always loved what running represents and I love how it transforms our mind and body into goal seeking adventurers. This is why I created Running Fit Box to begin with. I wanted to change lives, motivate runners and get more people out running.

Running is a lifestyle embraced by my family and one which provides a great source of health and fitness benefits for all of us. Running Fit Box has now morphed into a means to motivate, inspire and challenge the wider community through the Running Fit Hub.

I am so passionate about getting more people out running that I will give the community every opportunity to, through the boxes and the hub. There is no greater opportunity to be challenged, experience high levels of self achievement and test your limits than with running. Even starting out walking is the perfect stepping stone to embracing a running lifestyle. 

It is a convenient form of exercise, inexpensive and is the perfect sport to take your kids, dog and partner for a run with you. Even spectating fun run events demonstrates to the spectator just how thrilling and gratifying running is.

The hub is the opportunity to be part of a community greater than the one outside your doorstep. Be connected to fellow runners across the country. Be inspired and motivated by the hub partners who have created a business to do just that. And be educated and informed to ensure that you are running and living at your best.

And I no longer want to hear the words "I can't run, I wish I could!" Running - its for all of us and a transformation awaits.

You can become a member today! For $50 you will get access to so many great offers and information throughout the year. Click here to join the hub.

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