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Runaway Mum

Natalie Moore

4pm! Time to release the shackles of my almost 2 year old and run for my life.

What a day? Thursdays especially are out of control for me and today has taken the cake of the craziest yet! I juggle working from home with entertaining my daughter. I am lucky I have the flexibility with this and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but by the end of each Thursday my head is spinning.

Today especially has been nuts nuts nuts! My daughter, I love her like nothing in this world but my god she is terrorising me like a cat teases a mouse! She’s been sick this week and only today has she started to come good. Other parents will know that, a sick child who is returning to health and their active self, is some experience. It is like they have guzzled red cordial and are making up for the lost days of energy they missed being sick. I am new to this tantrum, “break mum” phase and its an eye opener...

Today we have spent all day playing musical chairs, from a stool, to her kids chair to the dining chair. Then she got her head momentarily stuck in the opening of the dining chair so I had to pull her out and the tears flowed. Then we played hide and seek in her tee pee. Followed by her trying to pick it up and then have it fall on her, more tears! Yoghurt is being thrown, sultanas tipped out, clothes off, taking the nappy off cause she wants to sit on the toilet, wants a biscuit, throws the biscuit in the bin, wants another biscuit, stands on the biscuit into the carpet and then wants the biscuit from the bin!! Argh, head spinning!

So when my husband and doting father walks in the door, cue the muffled sounds of the zen music in my ears...his text message specifically said “I’m happy if you leave as soon as I get in the door” that’s what I did. Unlucky for him, Amber nicely filled her nappy a moment before he got home and the stench was enough for me to run. So there you go hubby, there’s your daughter, I’m off!

The zen music and the tranquility around me, is soothing! This is my relax time. Its freezing but I don’t care, I’m bringing myself back to centre and just going to enjoy the run. I had no course in mind but I said to myself it must have hills. Running around my area proves difficult to avoid the hills, but that is my challenge today - tackle the hills I don’t do often! And that’s what I did, it was only a 35 minute run but it was enough for me, today! I’ve learnt in my marathon training, that if I can’t do the time or distance I’m meant to do, I’m better off just doing what I can all helps. And I smashed those hills and felt like I had achieved something for the day and I had perfectly reset for the night ahead.

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