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Mum Loves to Run NYC - Week 1

Natalie Moore

The motivation to get training has built up quickly upon receiving my program from my coach. I feel totally ready to get started and I look forward to sharing my road to NYC marathon. 

It's been a couple of months since I've consistently run due to Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot. I am a little apprehensive about starting due to the injury but receiving the program has helped a mindset of "lets do this" kick in. This is the first time I have used a coach and been given a customised program. One day in, and already I can see and feel the benefit of it. He is prepared to put his heart and soul into making sure my goal of NYC is realised so I am going to totally make sure that respect is shown in making sure I follow the program and do the work. 

It's a slower, steadier week than I am usually used to with my running and its simply to ensure my PF does not flare up again. Its a long road to train for a marathon and there is definitely no time to be heroic and defy coaches orders. 

The week of running starts well. Part of my challenge in training, is juggling my running around my family life and ensuring the impact of my running does not significantly impact the time with my family. So, its early morning wake ups and lunchtime runs. My lunchtime run consists of running laps around a disused trots track, which is a perfect surface for my joints but monotonous. I find running laps challenges me mentally, which I love to exercise too and it gives me an extra sense of achievement when completed. 

I have found in marathon training, that there are many rewards to be had along the way and I genuinely feel the training is harder than the marathon itself. I see the actual marathon as my reward for my hard work and a reward this marathon will be. This is the mindset I will take into each training session - that I am one step closer to my reward. 

The end of the week brings a trip to Cairns for my husband who is doing the 70.3 Ironman event on the weekend. Exhilaration is in full flight as I love being able to run in places that I don't usually get to. And with being from cold, wintery Melbourne, getting some warmer runs in will be great. Lucky for me, my program has me running twice. I google search Parkrun with hope there is one nearby and of cause there is. Saturday sees me join the Cairn's park runners for the 5km run. The run starts and all I want to do is take off, after all it is a timed event but my program says 5:45min/km so that's what I stick to. It was mentally challenging keeping at a consistent time but once done I feel like I've achieved another goal.

Sunday would see me running a 7km run around the Ironman course, the perfect inspiration. I was a bit nervous as this would be the furthest run I had done in so long but running the beautiful track in Cairns made the nerves soon disappear. And watching all of the volunteers set up for the Ironman event reminded me that events of this type would not be possible without them. I felt real gratitude running past them that I had to tell some of them what a great job they're doing. Their commitment to making the event great was also so inspiring. 

So, week 1 capped off - a great start! There are many more weeks ahead. I spend part of Sunday looking at what I need to do for week two. Training for any event requires consistency, dedication but also planning and organisation especially when juggling other life commitments. I feel mentally prepped, as I have my goal mapped out. Each week I will spend time visualising my road to and completion of the NYC marathon to ensure my end goal is at the forefront of my mind. I have really embraced the practise of visualisation over the last few months and I believe it has powerful benefits in the pursuit of our goals. 

Join me each week as I take you on my road to NYC marathon, one which I only ever thought of as a dream goal. 

Mum Loves To Run. 




(This is a personal account of my marathon training. This is not a paid endorsement in anyway.) 






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