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Hub Partner Profile - Liz Richards Simple Nourishment

Natalie Moore

The Running Fit Hub has enabled me to meet some awesome Australian business owners who all have a passion for running, fitness and health. Each week I will bring you a Partner Profile so I can introduce you to them all. 

Our hub partners are dedicated to helping you be and feel your running best. They have some great offers available to hub members and the rewards will continue throughout the year. 

Introducing Liz Richards of Simple Nourishment. Liz is the author and recipe creator of the book Super Snacks. Super Snacks brings you and your family recipes that are free of refined sugars and flours, along with a great mix of gluten free, dairy free, nut free and egg free options.

I asked Liz a couple of questions about her and her business Simple Nourishment. 

What is Simple Nourishment and who is it for? 

Simple Nourishment is a place for snack happy lovelies to get their healthy snack inspiration from, learn about the benefits of ingredients that we use and get a few laughs along the way. From my family to your family, Simple Nourishment is all about fuelling and re-fuelling every busy body in your house the right way!

Where does your passion for "Super Snacks" come from? 

Aaahhhhh my first love has always been food – I became a pastry chef straight out of high school so I guess that is really the beginning of a lifelong passion. Getting fitter and stronger lead the way to healthier!

What do you love about baking and making these snacks for the yourself and your family? 

Knowing that we’re fuelling the best way possible between meals. And really it just tastes better because I’ve had to wait for all that goodness to be made or baked hahaha 

Do you have a favourite recipe? 

Depending on the time of the day or the time of the week 😊

Where can we purchase your Super Snacks recipe book? 

You can purchase the Super Snacks recipe book online at or you can join the Running Fit Hub as a member and get access to the great offers Liz provides through the hub. 

Also, Liz is giving away one of her recipe books to a lucky recipient. Follow Running Fit Box on Instagram and Facebook for the details.

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