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Get the RUN DOWN

Natalie Moore

Have you been thinking about getting into running? Not convinced that it is for you.

Below are the key reasons why I run and what I get from running....

Run Anywhere - what is better then being able to throw on your running shoes, leave your house and just run the streets of your neighbourhood. It is simple as that. Of course there are plenty of other options - in a park, by the beach, trail running, on a treadmill, at an oval, running track - the options are endless and when I have the option I love being able to tailor where I run based on how I’m feeling.

Inexpensive Exercise - for the most part it is. All you need is the right pair of running shoes and away you go. Of course the addiction to active wear can get costly, but there are no gym memberships.

  • Catch up with Friends (or husband) - running with friends is the perfect way to catch up. During my marathon training last year, it was great training with my friend because every week we would run, chat and catch up for the duration of our training session. My husband and I even had a couple of Sunday morning “run dates” when we could get my daughter looked after. It was a great way to spend some quality time with each other whilst doing what we both love.

  • Meet new friends - I love meeting new people! And I love talking… so when you mix these with running, what a perfect combination! Running has introduced me to so many great people and I love getting to know them, hearing about their running and chatting about their goals all while we are smashing out our own running goals.
  • Variety - There are all forms of different running workouts you can do - hill climbs, sprints, interval, fartlek, easy running, laps - so running just isn’t running. You can tailor your exercise to what you want to get from it.
  • De-stress - This is definitely a great benefit for me and not that I am stressed frequently. But I love either starting the day with a run which always helps set the positive tone for the day. Or if I have had a tiring day getting out for a run always helps re-centre my mind. I know my husband and possibly my daughter notices a definite change to me when I have been for a run after a stressful day. There is a lot to be said about being out running in the fresh air, in full control of your mind and body.
  • Rise & Shine after a bad night sleep - Being a mother to a 2 year old, I have had my fair share of bad nights sleep for whatever reason and sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is running. But, when I get moving and out that door, my legs take over and the lack of sleep disappears. I feel so energised after a run, even if it is a short one. It is the perfect cure for fatigue for me.
  • Feel good - I have always been of a petite frame but running has definitely helped tone my shape and muscles, particularly after pregnancy. Of course, running hasn’t been the only contributing factor - I try to eat well, I walk, do Pilates etc but it definitely keeps me very fit. The other side to this, is running makes me feel good inside too for a happy mind and confidence. I think running makes me a better mother, wife and all round better person - it is another purpose for my life and makes me so happy! 

    Goals, Goals, Goals - I love a challenge! And more often than not I will always put my money where my mouth is. If I say I am going to do something, then I will do it. So running compliments my need to be challenged perfectly and it doesn’t even have to be in training for a particular event, I love setting myself mini goals - time trial, interval sessions, smashing a hill course - anything that helps me feel like I have accomplished something.
    Running Events - One of my favourite things about running. There are so many fun runs, charity runs, weekly run sessions etc these days that you don’t need to be a pro to enter these events. Everyday people can enter these events and feel like they are part of their own mini Olympics…side by side with thousands of people, nervousness in the air, streets lined with spectators, rubbing shoulders with pro-runners too all striving to get to that finish line to tick off their ultimate goal and have their own rock star moment...that they did it!

    Maybe this has convinced you to get out and try running, maybe it hasn’t! But I challenge you to give it a go, why not what have you got to lose! Happy Running!

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