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A letter to my daughter

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Dearest Amber,

You won’t remember when mummy signed up to do her second marathon, you were barely one.

You won’t remember either when mummy decided to take on the Sydney marathon right at the peak of you becoming a toddler. You wouldn’t have noticed or understood the pang of guilt as I walked out the door to run for 3 hours on a weekend. Nor would you fully appreciate that as a consolation to this you were heavily on my mind the whole run.

But it is what it is and this is the choice I have made. I have chosen to continue with my passion for running following your arrival into this world. And unfortunately, mother’s guilt will be there and I just have to suck it up and run on! You have just put life into perspective for me. Life is now about giving you the tools to move through life, so you can make your own decisions. SO, here I am showing you how you can embed one of life’s simple pleasures into your own life - running! I feel like not using your legs to their fullest potential would be wasteful. And even if you decide that running is not for you, that is perfectly Ok too. But it will teach you the foundation of life - setting goals, being motivated, stepping outside of your comfort zone, finishing what you started, the joy of being outdoors, meeting new people and most of all being fit and healthy.

My longest run for my training this year was 34km. It was a solo run. And again I was torn by completing my run and by being at home with you. But whilst running, I came across our local ParkRun and it brought home for me again why I will continue to run. I ran past two families running with their kids: a mum and her daughter and a mum, a dad and their two daughters. All running to that finish line. Running in unison with their children, encouraging them home to the finish line. AND I thought I can’t wait to do this with you!

You will soon learn that mummy is not normally emotional. You, however have brought out a softer side to me and I had tears filling my eyes as I ran past the ParkRun finish line, people clapping and cheering home the runners, the mums, the dads and kids. This was an every weekend occurrence for these people but to me it was an insight into my future. And again it reminded me why I want to share my love for running and encourage others to do the same.

As much as I am doing this to show you the importance of having goals, challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone, it is for my own selfish reasons also. I am so driven by being a better version of myself, beating my last marathon time, challenging my mind and body and simply getting a kick out of doing something not many people can say they do or have done!

My darling girl, when you are old enough to read this and truly understand the message I hope you will appreciate why mummy took time away from you to run, why she is so passionate about running and why she wants to spread the word that we can all achieve great things!

Love you my darling,

Your Mum (mum_loves_to_run)

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